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Wild Flower Turf & Sedum

wild flower meadow turf

With our Wild flower turf you can create a beautiful meadow in any area of your garden with our wild flower meadow turf mat. A pre-grown wild flower meadow consisting of a blend of native British wild flowers and grasses.

They are both beautiful to look at and essential to our native birds and insects. These unique British habitats are in huge decline, sadly. This is due to changes in agriculture and the preference for manicured lawns in our gardens.

Impressive Display

A wildflower meadow provides a burst of colour in floral displays from May right through to the end of August. Thus providing nectar for our bees and other insects.

Then in the winter the meadow will be full of stunning seed heads which will feed our native song birds, attracting all sorts of gardens birds to your garden.

Installation & Maintenance of a Wild Flower Meadow

Our Meadowmat wildflower turf is supplied in easy to lay 1m x 1m square sections, which are delivered in a roll. Simply prepare the area and roll out the turf mat. They require poor and infertile soil, so don't use any fertilisers or soil improvers.

Requiring very little maintenance, simply allow them to grow all year round and mow or strim off at the end of the winter/start of summer.

Check out our range below, which include numerous different species of grasses and plants. And to top it all off, it’s all hand harvested! So you can’t argue with it’s esteemed quality.

SuDS Meadowmat  95.63 GBP
Premium Turf  0 GBP