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Topsoil Calculator

Work Out How Much Topsoil You Need Here

Working out how much topsoil you need to fill a raised bed or level a lawn can be a bit confusing, but dont worry, we are here to help!

Just get some measurements of the area you need to fill with topsoil (you'll need the length, width and depth) and enter the meaurements in our easy to use calculator below:

Topsoil Calculator

topsoil calculator
A =   X   B = Units

Depth =



You're Going To Need = (Standard Bulk Bags of Topsoil)


You're Going To Need = (Jumbo Bulk Bags of Topsoil)

Using Our Calculator

Simply measure your beds or the area you want to cover / fill with topsoil in either meters and cm's or feet and inches and fill in our topsoil calculator form below and hit "Calculate"

Our calculator will then work out how many bulk bags or jumbo bags you require to complete your project.  

QGS Bag Sizes

We sell our topsoil in Bulk Bags (approx 750 Litres) and our massive Jumbo Bags (approx 1200 Litres).

Our Jumbo Bags are bigger in volume than anyone elses! Because our soil is all barn stored and blended and so is generally a lot drier and therefore lighter than other suppliers (your not paying for water!).  

We have calibrated the results of our topsoil calculator to reflect the size of the bags we offer.

Please Note: Calculator is for guidence only.