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Why Use Smokeless Fuels? | Quality Garden Supplies

Why Use Smokeless Fuels? Why should you use smokeless fuels? Our aim is to answer that question, because you really should be replacing traditional coal for the new, better, cheaper alternative, that is Smokeless Coal. Before we get into this, we have setup a website dedicated to Smokeless Fuels, Smokeless Coal and Hardwood Logs. As you're reading this article and taking the time to learn about smokeless fuels, we hope the website will be of use to you.  Here's Why You Should Use Smokeless Fuels: Smokeless Fuels are the superior product for you to use this coming winter. We encourage the...

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Smokeless Fuels and House Coal

We now offer an extended range of winter products to warm your home in our new House Fuels range. We have four new quality products available in the form of Coal alternatives and Smokeless Fuels, availble in pack sof 25kg bags, from 10 to 40 bags per pallet.  These are availble here on our website or at our new dedicated low cost house fuels website Smokeless Fuels We supply two smokeless fuels which are both fully Smoke Control Area Approved, these are: Smokeless Ovals - a great low cost and top quality smokles fuel suitable for use in open fires...

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Spring 2016 - New Products & Price Cuts

Reduced Prices As spring quickly approches, the QGS team have been busy putting together our new product ranges for year ahead. We've got some exciting new products as well as reduced prices on many of our exisiting products and our turf farms are already busy cutting turf to order (and its looking great!). We've cut the prices on many of our products, including our topsoils and some of our bark mulches.  We always strive to offer our customer very best garden supplies at the lowest prices without compromising product quality. New Growise Composts We have increased our compost range with the award...

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Up-cycling Old Pallets

What to do with left over pallets? Not sure what to do with your left over pallets? Don’t throw them away! There are many ways to make the most of your pallets, which are effective and cost effective. Whether it is making furniture, shelving, decorative wall art or flowerbeds. We have had a lot of calls asking what to do with the pallets after delivery, and thought it would be a great idea to suggest to you, a fun alternative, other than a trip to the local tip. There are many ways you can turn a few simple planks of wood...

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Things to Do With Elderflower

Things to do with Elderflower Its that time of year again when we see that beautiful, creamy white hedgerow favourite, the Elderflower has always been one of my favourites. It’s a wild shrub which grows all year rounds but producing an edible flower which can be used in many creations. The ancient shrub which can be found throughout the country, flowers from May to July every year, later turning into elderberries. With large blooming heads and a beautiful fragrant smell, this shrub is one I have grown up knowing and loving. From an early age I have harvested Elderflower to make...

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Making a Safe Play Area

Summer is the time of year that children should be outside playing, getting fresh air and lots of excerise. They love running around, climbing and playing on swings and climbing frames. All parents want their children to play safely, so what can we do to ensure that they are as safe as posible but without restricting their activities and fun? The answer is to build a play area; slides, swings and climbing frames are great fun but always think about the area surrounding the play equiptment. Are there any sharp edges or hard surfaces? The answer is probably yes, (even grass...

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Things You Didn't Know About Earthworms

Earthworms are an essential ingredient for healthy soil structure and composts providing a number of great benefits for your garden. Often referred to as “ecosystem engineers” or "nature's ploughs" they burrow through soil providing easy access for oxygen and water to circulate whilst pushing out unwanted carbon dioxide. Even the earthworm’s faeces is high in nutrients which allows bacteria and fungi to feed on it creating a fantastic foundation for plant growth. Earthworms are highly underrated, yet they play a vital role in the success of any garden. Healthy, fertile soil can have around 430 earthworms per square meter. Here’s my Top...

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Working out how much topsoil you need.

Working out how much topsoil you need can be a bit of a daunting task, is it just a case of guessing? Most people do just guess and often get it wrong! Follow our guide below to hopefully eliminate the guess work and save you alot of hassel and money. Topsoil is usually sold in tonnes, but for now we are going to forget about weight and concentrate on volume. Step 1 - Measure the Length & Width of the Area Firstly, work out the area you want to cover with topsoil in metres by measuring the length and width of...

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Ash Dieback - What is it?

Your Ash Dieback Questions Answered We had a customer question our tweet about Chalara; they wanted to know just what exactly Chalara or Ash Die back is? Chalara or Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidusis a tree fungi which causes Ash dieback, which symptoms include leaf loss and dyeing of the crown. Only discovered in 2006 this new disease was first discovered in Poland then spreading by 2008 to other parts of Europe such as Scandinavia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Then by 2012 it was discovered in Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Ireland and of course Britain. So it didn’t...

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Autumn Soil Care

As the autumn months approach and we start to think about having a clear up of our garden space ready for winter months; it’s a great time to think about your soil. "Soil?" you say! Well yes, soil, this simple (or so we think), garden medium needs to be cared for just as much as the plants we grow in it. The better the soil the better the quality of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and other plants we get out of it. Soil is made up of many different elements, including nutrients, which over time get used up or leached out...

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The 5 Step Garden Makeover

How To Give Your Garden a Makeover The weather is just starting to get out nice enough for us to enjoy a bit of time in the great outdoors. If your garden has suffered a little over the winter and needs a bit (or a lot) or TLC, don’t worry! We are here with some easy steps to help you get your outdoor space in order. Step 1: Tackle The Borders and Flowerbeds Chances are you have a couple of unwelcome weeds that have crept in. If you haven’t already attacked them, start now, ensuring you get the roots by loosening...

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August is here at last, the time of year where we can enjoy the garden. It is on show the most and where we see all of the past year's hard work pay off, blooming into a mass of lush colour, scent and fruit. There are still jobs to be done however (in-between alfresco dining and Gin & Tonic's of course!) to keep the garden looking at it's best. Borders and Plants Any borders or plants that have not achieved their full potential, where colours schemes have not worked, plants that have not taken as well as expected can be noted...

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